Spaceland Coming to Consoles

Tortuga Team, maker of the Braveland Trilogy series of strategy RPGs, has announced that its follow-up effort Spaceland is making the jump from PC, where it first released in September of 2019, to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on February 14, 2020. The game uses a combat system based in part on XCOM, and puts players in charge of a squad of Space Rangers on a hostile alien world. A trailer for the game’s PC version can be viewed below.

Spaceland will let players equip dash thrusters, teleporters, power shields, and other futuristic gear for battles that average between ten and fifteen minutes in length. By exploring their surroundings and the alien bases they encounter, players will uncover secrets about the world, all while facing off against lifeforms intent on stopping them.



Pascal Tekaia

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