RPGCast – Episode 514: “Holy **** a 12-slot bag!!!”

What’s old is new again as we deep dive into WoW Classic and how the heck did we even get onto this topic again? News from TGS, what games you’re playing in September, and even more releases coming in the second half of the month, please pity our reviewers.

Question of the Week
Are you getting a Switch Lite? Why or why not?

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6 Responses

  1. Gameresq Gameresq says:

    The enhanced portability of the Switch Lite would have been ideal (I travel quite often on Amtrak for work), but the negligible difference in battery life made it an easy pass.

    I instead opted for the Dragon Quest XI Japan console bundle that releases at the end of September. It will have the improved battery life and some nice design work on the console itself.

  2. Victar Victar says:

    Here’s a quick Switch story: my regular-model Switch gets very hot when playing games. It would get so hot that, when in its dock, it would start automatically entering sleep mode due to overheat about 20-30 minutes into a game like Mario Tennis Aces.

    The solution to this problem was to open up the back of the switch-dock when playing it in docked mode (there’s a built-in hinged gate just for this purpose). The extra air circulation appears to be enough to prevent the automatic sleep mode from triggering.

    Playing the Switch in handheld mode seems to work fine; it gets hot but keeps running OK, as long as it’s held in the air and not rested against a surface that would trap heat.

    QoTW: I’m not getting a Switch Lite. I already have a Switch, and if something were to happen to it, I’d prefer a replacement that can play games on the HDTV whenever I want to admire them on the big screen.

    Also, Switch joy-con “drift” or other malfunctions is a known issue. If it happens to my current Switch’s joy-cons I can replace them, or use the pro controller. If it happens to the Switch Lite with its attached joy-cons, options are more limited… maybe send it to Nintendo to have it repaired, and hope that any save files doesn’t get nuked in the process?

  3. Shaymin Shaymin says:

    Since I apparently caused the question of the week, I’m getting it because lord I need that d-pad. The fact that I was able to pull off a deal for buying the remodeled Switch where I got $120 in groceries and the ability to trade in for a free Switch Lite was a nice side effect.

  4. FeatherHoof FeatherHoof says:

    I found it funny and couldn’t help but to laugh, listening to your hour long love fest of WoW Classic, because all the things y’all were excited about sounded exactly why my time with WoW started with the launch of Burning Crusade and, one Tauren Druid and Draenei Shaman later, it ended in Burning Crusade having never even made it to Burning Crusade content 😅 And why I didn’t play another MMO again until I was harassed with begs from a friend to play FFXIV ARR.

    QOTW: I will not be getting a Switch Lite. It’s definitely not for me. For me, the only things in the “Pros” column is the D-Pad. I went and did the GameStop trade-in of my launch Switch which had it’s original awful battery life and ran quite hot at times for the one with the new chipset and am quite content. Plus, as someone who prefers docked mode whenever possible, the Switch Lite is fundamentally not for me.

    P.S. If you’d have me, I’ll gladly play “Bucket Party” in January with you. 😁

  5. plattym3 plattym3 says:

    That was enough WoW to make me miss the good old Fire Emblem: Three Houses days. Ah, memories.

    No Lite Switch for me. I play too many games with my kids docked and while I do 100% handheld for my RPGs, a second device just for that isn’t in the budget (damn all these amazing remakes of beloved titles on Switch!!).

  6. I already have a Switch, and my sister doesn’t play video games enough to use mine. I suppose if she ever does want her own, I would either get her the Lite, or give her my current one and get a light.

    If you ever need someone to hold the Chalice, I’ll gladly join in the Bucket Party, too. 🙂

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