UnderRail Explores the Black Sea in Expedition DLC

Stygian Software invites players to go on a seaside holiday with the release of the Expeditions DLC for its turn-based isometric RPG, UnderRail. Available to players starting from the mid-game forward, Expeditions offers a vast new subterranean area, the Black Sea, to explore, along with new enemies to face, pirates to parlay with, secrets to uncover, and even jet skis to traverse the not-so-friendly waters. All new weapon types, psionic skills, and a raised level cap from 25 to 30 accompany the expansion’s storyline that sheds new light on the game’s post-apocalyptic world.

Originally released in 2015 for PC, UnderRail is an old-school throwback to hardcore isometric RPGs that helped shape the genre. The DLC is available now via Steam for $9.99, or can be purchased as a bundle with the base game. A three-minute trailer for the DLC is viewable below.



Pascal Tekaia

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