Caravan Stories North American Release Date Set

Aiming Inc. has announced that its free-to-play MMORPG Caravan Stories will be released for PlayStation 4 in North America on July 23, 2019. Its official launch will be preceded by a week-long open beta beginning on July 16, 2019.

Players can choose from four races for their character at launch, each with its own storyline, and recruit from over 300 allies for both PvE and PvP modes. One more class can be unlocked through the game, while a sixth class will be released after launch. Players form a party of up to six members from their recruited allies, each with their own skill sets. The game sees players fighting back against and protecting the world of Iyarr from the demons that emerge from a gate called the Enigma. More details can be found on Caravan StoriesEnglish teaser site.

Caravan Stories was originally released as a smartphone title in Japan in 2017, with a PC version released in 2018 and a Chinese version released later that year. The PlayStation 4 version was released in Japan in April 2019.



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  1. Slayer Slayer says:

    I watched a video for this one. The sheer quantity of loading screens was staggering.

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