Outward Available Now, Final Co-op Dev Diary Released

Developer Nine Dot Studios and publisher Deep Silver released a new developer diary video for Outward, which launches today on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One. The new video focuses on cooperative play and demonstrates how players can drop in and out to team up locally via split screen, or online with players around the world.

Outward is a survival RPG where players must balance different aspects of exploration; from handling combat differently depending on the foe, to inventory load management. In a two-player game, one member can carry a lighter load, making it easier to dodge enemies, while the other party member can carry a bigger, bulkier backpack that slows them down, but offers a wider variety of items to carry and use. Pairs can combine their efforts to battle enemies together or split up, but should take note that the difficulty is adjusted when two people are playing.



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