BioWare Teases New Dragon Age Title

During The Game Awards, BioWare released a teaser trailer for a new title in the Dragon Age fantasy RPG series. The teaser trailer features a call back to Dragon Age: Inquisition and the character known as the Dread Wolf. No details about the game were provided.

The Dragon Age series began with the 2009 title Dragon Age: Origins, which sees players fighting against the Fifth Blight, a cataclysmic event where armies of creatures called Darkspawn rise up from beneath the earth. This was followed by Dragon Age II, which follows a refugee from the Fifth Blight as they rise in prominence in the city-state of Kirkwall. Each of the games features it own player-controlled and customised protagonist. The most recent title, Dragon Age: Inquisition was released in 2014 and sees players joining the eponymous inquisition as it seeks to deal with a rift in the barrier that divides the real and spiritual realms.



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