Varnir of the Dragon Star Gets Some Extra Info

Compile Heart has provided some more details for Varnir of the Dragon Star: Ecdysis of the Dragon ahead of the game’s launch in Japan this week. In addition to introducing some of the game’s supporting cast, the developer also detailed its field exploration and madness systems.

The first of the characters introduced is Shardo, a cardinal in the Imperial Order and close conifdant of the Emperor. Second is Jaiga, a member of the Evil Raven dragon-hunting group. Third is Nyarumo, a cross between a cat and bat who runs the shop at the player’s Witches Roost base. The final character is Gran, main protagonist Zephy’s close friend who still serves with the knights after Zephy joins the witches.

When exploring dungeons, players will find chests and gathering points as well as obstacles and enemies. Players can use the party’s weapons to break objects and attack the symbols denoting enemies, and fly using a staff. Players can change characters at will and use each character’s unique magic action for various uses. For example, Zephy can destroy magic barriers, Karikaro uncovers hidden chests, and Laponetto creates magical floors to cover impassable spans. Players can also give presents to the witches in their party. These can be found in dungeons or purchased from the shop.

Varnir of the Dragon Star also makes heavy use of a madness meter. This meter is present in the top-right corner of the party menu and fills up depending on various actions and choices taken during the game. If this exceeds a certain amount, special events will occur between chapters, and the story may eventually branch into a special story route.

Varnir of the Dragon Star stars Zephy, a knight who becomes lost in a remote forest. He is rescued by a witch, but in the process drinks the blood of a dragon that attacked him, causing a special power to awaken. He joins up with other surviving witches, who also have draconic powers and are persecuted by the other citizens of the world. Varnir of the Dragon Star will be released in Japan for PlayStation 4 on October 11, 2018. There is no news regarding a potential western release.



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