Hyakki Castle Adding New Floors

Happinet has released a new patch for its real-time dungeon crawler Haunted Dungeons: Hyakki Castle. Titled “Revenge of the Doman”, the patch will add more dungeons to explore after completing the main game. These new floors pit players against the game’s enemies, bosses included, in rearranged attack patterns and new dungeon layouts. A Time Mode will also be unlocked after completing the game, giving players the optional challenge to beat the game with varying time restrictions. The patch will also include some fixes to the game, including adjusting enemy spawn locations, readjusting food drops, correcting text errors, and reducing the health of late-game enemies.

Hyakki Castle is a dungeon-crawler that plays out in real time. Players create a party of four characters to infiltrate a mysterious castle under control of the Doman who poses a threat to the Shogunate. While exploring, the party is able to be split into two, exchanging control between the two at the press of a button and leaving the uncontrolled petrified to stone, increasing defense. The game originally released last year on PC before making its way to PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch earlier this year.

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