Prepare to Sacrifice All for Redemption in Boss Battler Sinner

Publisher Another Indie this week announced a launch date and trailer for the upcoming Sinner: Sacrifice for RedemptionSinner is a boss battler, a game focusing solely on its protagonist squaring off against large-scale, low-odds boss monsters to tell its story. The game follows Adam, a soldier with a dark past, who has been called upon to repent for the transgressions of his past. Adam’s atonement comes in the form of monsters representing the seven deadly sins, all of whom he must vanquish. The bosses in Sinner may be battled in any order the player wishes, but each extracts a heavy toll from Adam, forcing him to permanently sacrifice a part of himself in the process and making future battles more difficult as a result.

Developed by Dark Star Games Studio, Sinner: Sacrifice for Redemption is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch home consoles on October 18, 2018. PC and Mac users will see a release later this year as well, via Discord, with a Steam version in the works to follow at an even later, undisclosed date.



Pascal Tekaia

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