Kickstarter Check-In: Sikanda, Code of the Savage

RPGamer’s ad hoc Kickstarter Check-In feature returns for a look at two ongoing crowdfunding campaigns. This edition features Dyadic Games’ Sikanda and Geoff Jones’ Code of the Savage.


Sikanda is 3D action-adventure RPG from Austrian studio Dyadic Games. The game is stated to be inspired by classic titles such as The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Secret of Mana, Terranigma, and Final Fantasy, though Xenoblade Chronicles and Bravely Default are listed as moden influences.

The game takes place on the fantasy island of Galintrea, with Sikanda being a shape-shifting weapon wielded by the player character — a boy named Tarak or a girl named Venda. Sikanda has twelve forms that are unlocked throughout the game that provide either combat options or tools to compelte puzzles. Combat in the game is real-time, with the developers planning to balance combat, exploration, and puzzle-solving.

Character progression in Sikanda uses magical seeds found across the world. There are three types of seeds that can be found, which can be used to enhance eight attributes split into groups associated with each seed type. More details about the gameplay, setting, story, and characters can be found on the game’s Kickstarter campaign page.

Dyadic Games is looking for €40,000 in funding by September 18, 2018, with those who pledge at least €20 receiving a digital copy of the game as part of their backer rewards. Sikanda is being developed for Nintendo Switch with an initially planned release date of early 2020.


Code of the Savage

Meanwhile, Code of the Savage is a title from solo developer Geoff Jones that is in the final few days of its campaign having already achieved its AU$5,500 goal. The game is inspired by classic cRPGs from the 1980s and 1990s and takes place on the island kingdom of Daneth, where plsyers are a complete newcomer having washed up on its shores.

Freedom is one of the game’s focuses, with players exploring an open-world and given various options across the moral scale. Combat is stated to be a mixture of real-time and turn-based, featuring grid-based movement.

Code of the Savage‘s campaign ends on August 24, 2018, with those who pledge at least AU$10 receiving a digital copy of the game as part of their backer rewards. The game is being developed for PC, Mac, and Linux and initially planned for release in late 2019.


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