Kickstarter Check-In: Crying Suns

RPGamer’s ad hoc Kickstarter Check-In feature returns for a look at ongoing crowdfunding campaigns. This edition features just the single campaign for Alt Shift’s Crying Suns.

Crying Suns

Crying Suns is a rogue-lite tactical game where players take on the role of an admiral from a fleet of spaceships. The game is set after a galactic empire suffers catastrophe as the highly-advanced machines humanity relies on known as OMNI all mysteriously shut down. However, on the tucked-away planet of Gehenna, the player character — a clone of Admiral Ellys Idaho, regarded at the best-ever imperial admiral — is woken up by Kaliban, the last working OMNI, and tasked with venturing through the galaxy to reactive the rest of the OMNIs.

Each successful run in the game reveals more information about the galactic empire and its fall. Players explore a procedurally-generated galaxy, attempting to find their way to the boss while surviving with limited resources. Exploring star clusters and planets leads to events, of which there are over three-hundred, and there will be numerous hostile threats to deal with.

Combat uses a real-time-with-pause system on a hexagonal tactical layout. The goal of each fight is to deplete the opponent battleship’s hull gauge while the player maintains their own. Fighting is done by sending three types of units into the tactical map — heroes, squadrons, and weapons. Instructions and actions are given using a pool of focus points.

Alt Shift is looking for €25,000 in funding by July 31, 2018. Crying Suns is being developed for PC, Mac, and iPad and is currently planned for release in late 2018/early 2019. Those who pledge at least €15 will receive a copy of the game as part of their backer rewards. Plenty more details about the game, as well as a demo version, can be found on its Kickstarter campaign page.



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