Edge of Eternity Releases First Screenshots, Details

Midgar Studios’ upcoming Edge of Eternity is an attempt to marry aesthetics and turn-based combat mechanics of JRPGs with the open worlds and branching narratives of WRPGs in a fantasy-sci-fi world. Daryon is a soldier fighting to protect his homeworld of Heryon against the invading forces known as the Archelite. As the conflict rages, the invaders unleash their ultimate weapon, an infectious pandemic known as the Corrosion that warps and twists those afflicted into unrecognizable abominations. When tragedy strikes close to home, it is up to Daryon to set out and try to find a cure for the Corrosion.

Heryon is a world in which tradition, spirituality, and social standing play important roles. ‘Home’ is an important concept in the world, being a sacred place of worship that is preserved even in times of war, as destroying a home brings about great dishonor for both the owner and the destroyer. All homes are blessed by Sanctorium Priests, and those who lose their homes become social outcasts, as they are considered to have lost the favor of the Gods.

While Edge of Eternity‘s combat is rooted in traditional turn-based trappings, additional options are made possible via the introduction of the Nexus Grid. This is a top-down battlefield overlay, dividing it into hexagonal sectors, each of which has unique characteristics and can be manipulated in distinct ways during battle. For example, one section of the grid may provide healing for both allies and enemies, while another may act as an environmental hazard to those within it. Characters can also use skills of their own to interact with areas of the grid, like being able to turn a sector into a minefield.

Finally, Midgar Studio introduced the Pilitch, a fluffy bird-like creature who looks oddly reminiscent of a certain series’ iconic mascot. The Pilitch is a domesticated bird popular for its delicious eggs, which makes it a favorite for farmers. While Pilitches are music-loving animals, particularly sad songs about pain and loss, they aren’t overly fond of the displays of affection their cuddly appearance elicits from many.

Not many details about the game’s intended releases have so far been made public. The game is targeted be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Mac, but it may still be too early for a projected release date. For those interested, the game’s homepage, as well as its Steam listing, provide further details. In the meantime, a selection of screenshots and artwork of the game, viewable below, has been released as well.


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