Egyptian Studio Rumbling Games Reveals Knights of Light

Egyptian developer Rumbling Games has announced Knights of Light, a new action adventure RPG. The game is set around the period of late antiquity, particularly the fall of the Sassanian Empire in the 7th century CE and the battles between the empire and emerging Arab forces in modern-day Iraq.

Knights of Light will see players following one main champion as well as several playable side characters based on historical individuals. Though the game is primarily historical in nature, the developer stated that there will be a hidden fantasy path in the campaign. The campaign is said to last around sixty hours, with two expansions being planned.

Knights of Light is planned for release on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, though no release window has been given. Rumbling Games provided three videos to help showcase the game: the first shows some very basic pre-alpha gameplay, the second shows some of the locations and environments in the game, and the third some of the Nvidia GameWorks features specific to the PC version.





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