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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order E3 Impression

The Infinity Gauntlet saga may have dealt with in the MCU, but the cast of Ultimate Alliance still needs to face off against Thanos and his minions. RPGamer’s Pascal Tekaia was able to check out the upcoming third game in the brawler series, which releases in just a month’s time.

Nioh 2 Receives Closed Alpha, Gameplay Trailer

Nioh 2 has made its first appearance since its E3 2018 announcement. The game will be undergoing a closed alpha very soon, with a new gameplay trailer released that shows the sequel’s customisable player character.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 Out in July

Thanos is threatening to wreak havoc across the galaxy. It will take the greatest superhero lineup ever assembled to thwart his plans when Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order drops in July.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 3 Announced

After a 10 year absence, Marvel’s Ultimate Alliance series has returned. The teaser trailer introduces some of the cast RPGamers can expect to play as when The Black Order releases exclusively on Switch in 2019.

Nioh 2 Announced

Nioh 2 was revealed during Sony’s E3 presentation, with some of its developers turning up for a chat during Sony’s later coverage. There are few confirmed details at this stage, but RPGamers may appreciate the brief insights provided.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Out Now

Dissidia NT’s long trip from Japanese arcades is finally over and the game can be found on PlayStation 4s around the globe. Now is the time for the fighting to get quite chaotic.

Nioh Review

Bushido says that the true warrior must hold loyalty, courage, veracity, compassion, and honor as important, above all else. But real life samurai didn’t have to deal with demons.