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Front Mission 3 Retroview

Whatever political upheavals may hit the world, and however dangerous things become, we can remain at ease. That is because giant robots are there to save the day by blowing up stuff real good. Pistols blow down trees!

Final Fantasy Tactics Retroview

Which side is the best to root for,
When talking of two Lions at war?
We’d ask Matsuno,
‘Cause he ought to know,
But he said the whole thing’d be a draw.
Round One – Fight!

Final Fantasy X Retroview

People try to put it down (talkin’ bout this game), just because it’s been around (talkin’ bout this game), things it does look real pretty (talkin’ bout this game), I hope it dies before it gets old (talkin’ bout this game). This isn’t my generation, baby!

Chrono Cross Retroview

Ten years ago, Chrono Cross was hailed as one of the finest RPGs on the PlayStation. To see if time has been kind to that consensus, just read this review.

Final Fantasy Origins Review

This compilation Playstation game features remakes of both Final Fantasy I & II, as well as a host of new features.

Final Fantasy II Review

The Empire of Barmekia is on a mad quest to enslave the world. The only ones who can stand in their way is Queen Hilda of Phin’s small Resistance movement. But thrown out of their castle, and with the clock ticking, can anything be done? Four young orphans, Frionel, Maria, Guy, and Lionheart, are the world’s last chance for freedom…

Final Fantasy Review

The world is out of balance; the elements are in revolt. Four young heroes, each with a darkened orb, must restore order to this chaotic world. Swords and sorcery will aid them on their quest; on this final fantasy.