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Garden Story Released

Rose City Games and Picogram’s Garden Story is out now. Players guide Concord the grape as he steps into his new role as the guardian of Spring Hamlet.

A brightly colored town

Garden Story to Sprout This Summer

A new trailer was released for Picogram’s fruit-and-vegetable-themed adventure RPG Garden Story. Players will be able to put their green thumbs to good use beginning this summer.

Nintendo Indie World Showcase Round-Up

Nintendo held another Indie World Showcase today, revealing a number of titles coming to Nintendo Switch. RPGs appearing in the presentation include Hades, Spiritfarer, Garden Story, Takeshi & Hiroshi, Torchlight III, and She Dreams Elsewhere.

Garden Story PAX West 2019 Impression

Pixel artist Picogram and tunesmith Graham Nesbitt team up to create a world where you will believe a grape can be a hero. Zach Welhouse confirms this tough lil’ fruit won’t cry when he gets hurt — he won’t even let out a little whine.

VIZ Media Announces Garden Story

Garden Story is an upcoming adventure RPG putting players in the role of Concord, the newly-appointed village guardian. Players will need to help him make friends and deal with the mysterious Rot affecting the island.