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Darkest Dungeon II Review

Battered and broken, here lies the tear stained review for Darkest Dungeon II. Noted for its difficulty, is there enough balance and change to create a fresh take to the indie gem that came before it. Read on to find out.

Darkest Dungeon II Fully Launching in May

After being in Early Access for a little over a year, Darkest Dungeon II has a full release date. The turn-based roguelike will fully launch on Steam and the Epic Games Store in a few months.

Darkest Dungeon Adds PvP in Latest DLC

What initially appeared like an April Fool’s joke turned out to be DLC for Darkest Dungeon. The Butcher’s Circus will arrive in May and adds a PvP arena mode to the game.

Nintendo Switch Ports Quick Impressions

The Nintendo Switch has been on a roll pretty much from its release date. This has naturally lead to a number of game ports, some great, some surprisingly competent, and some that are better left forgotten. We take a look at some of the recent ports to see how they’ve fared in the transition.

The Color of Madness Paints a Release Date

It’s about time again to journey back to the Darkest Dungeon, or at least nearby. A farmstead slowly being warped by cosmic horrors may not be the best vacation spot, but it probably beats getting lost in time and space.

Darkest Dungeon’s Color of Madness Detailed

Those looking forward to seeing the Color of Madness can learn a bit about what’s in store. The expansion doesn’t have a release date yet, but iPad players will be able to access the other DLC today.

Darkest Dungeon Gets Xbox One Release Date

A month after releasing for Nintendo Switch, Darkest Dungeon is hitting Xbox One. Its release comes with a few complications as to which bundles are available when.

Darkest Dungeon Getting Physical Edition

As if exploring the Darkest Dungeon wasn’t enough, now some people want to take it home with them. For those crazy enough to do so, Red Hook Studios has answered the call.

Darkest Dungeon Hits Switch Next Week

The Direct video didn’t cover all of the recent Switch RPG announcements. Red Hook Studios also separately provided a release date for Darkest Dungeon

Darkest Dungeon Review

The Darkest Dungeon may seem scary, but all the witnesses who say so are unreliably insane. The fact that these people were all perfectly sane before entering is surely just coincidence.