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Cloudpunk Getting PS5 Version in August

Cloudpunk is getting a dedicated PS5 version. In addition to graphical upgrades, it includes the previous PC-exclusive cockpit mode, and will be available as a free upgrade for owners of the PS4 version.

Cloudpunk Review

Cloudpunk is an interesting take on the future noir setting, as seen through the eyes of a delivery driver. However, the game’s various ports are proof positive that not all version are created equally.

Cloudpunk Adds City of Ghosts

Ion Lands has announced a large-scale DLC expansion for Cloudpunk. City of Ghosts will add a new follow-up campaign to the main game, including a second playable character.

Cloudpunk Releasing for Consoles in October

Cloudpunk launched for PC earlier this year, and has now been given a console release date. The game will arrive digitally next month, and a physical edition will be coming later.

Cloudpunk Gets April PC Release Date

PC RPGamers will be able to venture to the city of Nivalis in just over a month. There they will be able to explore on foot and by hovercar, while making ends meet working for the Cloudpunk delivery company.

Cloudpunk Heading to Consoles

Merge Games and Ion Lands’ Cloudpunk will be coming to consoles as well as PC. The game will send players on delivery jobs all over the vertical city of Nivalis when it launches later this year.