Cloudpunk Adds City of Ghosts

Developer Ion Lands announced new DLC for Cloudpunk. City of Ghosts is a follow-up to the main game’s campaign and adds a new playable character, the gambler Hayse. The new content features an intertwining story that sees main game protagonist Raina drawing the ire of courier corporation Curzona, while Hayse has been given the task of clearing his debts in the space of just one night.

City of Ghosts will be fully voiced and include multiple endings, and is billed as being longer than the original campaign. It will also add street races featuring a customisable vehicle. A release date for the DLC has not yet been announced.

Cloudpunk takes place in the city of Nivalis, which is home to androids, AIs, and humans. Players undertake dangerous delivery jobs and explore the vertical city on foot and by hovercar. Cloudpunk originally released for PC in April 2020, with PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch versions released in October 2020.





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