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Humble Games Publishing #BLUD

Humble Games and Exit 73 Studios are teaming up for the release of #BLUD. The action dungeon-crawler sees teen Becky Brewster balancing school, friends, field hockey, and fiend-slaying.

Wizard of Legend 2 Announced

Humble Games announced a follow-up to 2018 action rogue-lite Wizard of Legend. The game is being developed by Dead Mage, with guidance from original developer Contingent99.

Infinite Guitars Released

Humble Games and Nikko Nikko have released Infinite Guitars. The RPG combining turn-based, action, and rhythm elements is available on PC, Xbox, and Switch.

Humble Games Showcases Upcoming Titles

Humble Games showcased its upcoming titles today, which included a trio of RPG announcements. RPGamers can learn more about musical RPGs Stray Gods and Infinite Guitars while preparing for The Iron Oath’s Steam Early Access launch next month.

Archvale Launching in December

Bullet-hell RPG Archvale is releasing in a few weeks. The game tasks players with defeating the cursed Undying.

Dodgeball Academia Out Now

Humble Games and Pocket Trap’s Dodgeball Academia is out now. Players can enroll and develop their dodgeball abilities on PC and consoles.

Dodgeball Academia Announced

A new sports RPG is coming. Players will be able to help Otto become an ultimate champion in Dodgeball Academia on PC and consoles later this year.

Temtem Now Available on PS5 Early Access

The Airborne Archipelago is inviting new players of all stripes to become the greatest Temtem trainer. PS5 owners can now get in on the monster-collecting MMORPG with the Early Access version.

Temtem Coming to PS5 Early Access in December

Temtem is getting a console Early Access version to join its currently ongoing Steam Early Access campaign. The PS5 Early Access version will launch in December and include cross-play with the PC version.

Turn-Based RPG Ikenfell Out Now

Turn-based RPG Ikenfell is now available on multiple platforms. The game follows a group of six students as they attend a magic school and deal with the numerous ordeals they stumble across.

Ikenfell Launching in October

Turn-based RPG Ikenfell is set to be released for PC and consoles this October. The game follows a group of six magical school students on their adventures.

Temtem Console Platforms Confirmed

Temtem is an online multiplayer monster-collecting RPG. Humble Games and Crema confirmed which platforms it will launch on next year.

Fae Tactics Launching End of July

Fae Tactics will be launching for PC in just a couple of weeks. The tactical RPG follows Peony as she battles and recruits various magical creatures.