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Haven Receives Couple Update

The Game Bakers released a free update for Haven. The update adds new versions of protagonists Yu and Kay, letting players choose the genders of both characters.

Haven Physical Orders Begin Next Week

Physical copies of Haven will be available to order from Limited Run Games next week. The game will come in both a standard edition and a limited Collector’s Edition.

Haven Launches in December

The Game Bakers has announced a December release date for Haven. The game will initially launch on PC, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X, with PS4 and Switch versions to follow in 2021.

Plenty of RPGs Coming to Xbox Game Pass

Microsoft is expanding the titles available through Xbox Game Pass. The games coming to the service in the next year include plenty of RPGs.

Haven PAX West 2019 Impression

The Game Bakers’ Haven tells the story of a loving couple on a lonely planet. Anna Marie Privitere was able to check the game out at PAX West and report back on how it’s shaping up.

The Game Bakers Announces Haven

Developer The Game Bakers has announced its new game Haven. The game sees players controlling a pair of lovers who have escaped to a lost planet.