Avowed Gets New Trailer, Story Details

Microsoft and Obsidian Entertainment released a new trailer for upcoming first-person fantasy action RPG Avowed. The 90-second video comes alongside new story details for the game, including the reveal of one of the game’s four companion characters.

Avowed is set in the same world as Obsidian Entertainment’s Pillars of Eternity series. Players control an envoy sent by the Aedyran emperor into a region called the Living Lands. They arrive at the port city of Paradis, which has been shaped by multiple generations of pioneers and is now the centre of tension between the empire and the locals. This tension is exacerbated by a mysterious plague called the Dreamscourge, which is affecting the people, animals, and even the land, eventually turning those afflicted into fungal-sprouting Dreamthralls.

In addition to the instructions from the emperor, players are called upon by Inquisitor Lödwyn — leader of an extremist paladin order of the empire — to both eradicate the Dreamscourge and bring all of the local factions under the rule of the empire. However, the player’s companion Giatta encourages them to find a larger mysterious force at work and embrace it. Giatta is a gifted animacer who studies soul magic, but has gained suspicion and ire because of her work.

Avowed is in development for PC and Xbox Series X|S. The game is planned to release in fall 2024.




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