Card-en-Ciel Release Date Announced

Developer Inti Creates has announced that its roguelite deckbuilding RPG Card-en-Ciel will be released digitally for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam on October 24, 2024. Additionally, the company revealed that its earlier April Fool’s joke — the announcement of a title called Divine Dynamo Flamefrit, billed as a 2D action homage to ’90s fantasy and robot anime — is based on one of the Card-en-Ciel’s fictional game universes, and will be included with Card-en-Ciel’s Japanese physical release.

Card-en-Ciel follows Neon, a gaming detective, as characters from other universes unexpectedly show up in a different work-in-progress. He is able to collect and battle with over 300 character cards across over ten dungeons. Each of the dungeons is based on a different fictional game, with battles utilising a three-by-six grid. There are also special Muse Cards, which will sing one of over 50 songs and provide special effects and abilities if their conditions are met. The game will feature multiple difficulty levels, special high-powered dungeons, online PvP multiplayer, and more. There will also be appearances of fan-favourite characters from Inti Creates’ other titles.



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