Tactical RPG Beast Announced

Developer False Prophet announced turn-based tactical RPG Beast. Set in a grimdark medieval world, the game is said to focus on moral choices as players wander the boundary between hero and monster. It is in development for PC and planned to release on Steam in 2024.

Beast follows veteran soldier Anton Sabbados after he returns home following years in captivity. He and his team are appointed by the “king-prophet” Lurius to deal with a deadly plague in the Carpathian Mountains. As the game progresses, Anton must fight with his inner demons and memories, with the line between reality blurring each time. He is able to call upon powers from his demons, but doing so risks his descent into darkness.

The game is said to feature up to forty hours of gameplay, with moral choices that can signifcantly change both story outcomes and gameplay. Combat uses gridless battlefields, with players able to choose whether to unleash their demon for short-term tactical advantage or work to retain their sanity.




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