Mewgenics Planned to Launch in 2024

Developer Edmund McMillen, previously known for Super Meat Boy and The Binding of Isaac, provided an update on Mewgenics. The game was originally envisioned as a “cat breeding sim” and announced in 2012 under development by Team Meat, but was put on hold in 2014 and later cancelled. After leaving Team Meat, Edmund secured the rights to the game and has been working on it alongside Tyler Glaiel plus other animators and artists.

Mewgenics has since evolved into a turn-based tactical roguelike RPG where players hoard, breed, and train an army of cats. These cats venture out into the chaotic world, looking to go further, defeat bosses, and gain mutations before heading home to further improve their bloodlines. The game is currently planned for release in 2024 and is available to wishlist now on Steam.



Alex Fuller

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