Ruins Magus DLC Launches

Mastiff and CharacterBank have released new DLC for its VR action RPG Ruins Magus. Titled The Warrior and the Tailor, the expansion adds a new area bustling with townsfolk, shops, and outfits to obtain for Iris. A strange new enemy called Schneider comes to town, seeking to challenge the player. A free update is also now available, which adds a survival mode called Meister’s Abyss and the ability to replay missions.

Released earlier this year for PC via Steam and the Meta Quest, Ruins Magus puts players in control of a rookie ruin hunter who, with the help of their novice researcher companion Iris, must investigate the ruins beneath the town of Grand Amnis. The ruins are protected by fearsome Guardians, who must be overcome to discover the secrets of the ruins themselves. A future update to add English voice over is set to release in early 2023.


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