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Nippon Ichi Software provided more details and images for the latest title in the Disgaea tactical RPG series, Disgaea 7. The game takes place in the Hinomoto Netherworld Cluster, a netherworld inspired by Japanese culture that is losing its “Bushido” lifestyle after being taken over by the corrupt Oedo Shogunate.

The story campaign follows lazy samurai Fuji and Hinomoto otaku Piririka, who collect an odd assortment of allies as they search for the Seven Weapons of Origin in order to defeat the Shogunate. These are legendary weapons that house souls and are scattered across Hinomoto. They are said to be powerful enough to destroy gods based on their wielder’s emotional state, but only those who can resonate with them can wield them.



Characters chosen to wield one of the Seven Weapons of Origin will get their own Shinuchi Gauge. This can be used to enter a powered-up mode, which grants stat increases and access to special skills. The requirements for building up the gauge varies between characters. Two of the seven weapons are the Divine Sword: Kanzan Musashi, which deals heavy damage while reducing the opponent’s defence, and Divine Staff: Tokugawa Tenge, which can manipulate enemy units and make them move around as the wielder wishes.

Fuji is unusual in Hinomoto’s culture with his cheap and lazy personality. He has been taught to fight in battles since he was young and will do anything to win, including using underhanded tactics. He is also allergic to human emotions, coughing up blood whenever he feels things like love, friendship, or sympathy. Meanwhile, Piririka was raised in the Wahei Netherworld but admires manga and movies giving her strong appreciation for the Bushido of Hinamoto. However, she gets a shock when she witnesses the current state of Hinamoto. She is naive and generally good, meaning she can be easily deceived, but is extremely rich due to being the CEO of a popular clothing company.



Their allies include Ao, a young girl who refers to Fuji as “father”. She often behaves spoiled around Fuji, but otherwise shows no mercy and is wanted by the authorities for destruction she is said to have caused throughout Hinomoto. Meanwhile, Wey-yasu is the Shogun of the Oedo Shogunate, but lacks any real power. He is lazy and narcissistic, acting as a womaniser, despite rarely if ever being successful. Seefour is a well-known phantom thief who steals from those connected to the Shogunate. She is often careless and gets excited around guns and gunpowder, and is said to be collecting sacred treasures for research purposes.

Suisen has a mechanical body and is one of the thirteen magistrates of the Shogunate. He attempts to get in the way of Fuji’s quest and is powerful in combat through information processing that lets him predict future actions. Higan Zesshousai has the title for the strongest sword wielder in Hinomoto and loves fighting. After getting tired of always winning when fighting with a sword, she is now trying to master the spear. Finally, supporting characters include Piichan, Piririka’s secretary Prinny; Nitora, an angel rescued by Fuji; and Demon Admiral Opener, the leader of the Kaigun military organisation that has taken control of the Shogunate.



Important locations in Hinomoto include the Oedo Netherworld, the capital of Hinomoto and where Fuji and Piririka meet. Many tourists visit its central castle, while the populace live in hardship, especially those in the slums on the town outskirts. Yokoha Netherworld is the first place Fuji and Piririka travel to. It is based on the westernisation of Japan and said to be home to one of the Shogun’s villas, which holds banquets every day. Iwashi Netherworld collects the largest fishing hauls across the Netherworld, however, its harbour is struggling thanks to the Shogunate’s heavy tax on sardines. Hanchou Netherworld is a popular gambling spot and is lively with demons dreaming of getting rich quickly. Finally, Gero Onsen is one of Hinomoto’s three great hot springs, with its grudge spring said to be able to revive the dead.

The final images introduce new and returning playable monster classes appearing in the game. The two new monster classes are the Death Princess and Giant Eye, while the other classes shown are the Prinny, Sea Angel, Winged Warrior, Undead, Dragon, Flora Beast, Horseman, Evil Eye, Kit Cat, and Succubus.

Disgaea 7 is set to release for for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch in Japan on January 26, 2023. No announcement has been made regarding a western release at this time.


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