Ruins Magus Update and DLC Announced

Mastiff and characterBank announced an upcoming free update and paid DLC for VR RPG Ruins Magus. Both are planned to release this winter, with the free update including a new English voice over option, the opportunity for players to try to earn a higher score on previous missions, and a brand new dungeon. The DLC will launch at the same time and add new story content involving a mysterious swordsman, a new area, and various new costume options available through interactions with Iris.

Ruins Magus is set in the city of Grand Amnis, which is built on top of a set of ruins. Players take on the role of a novice ruin hunter partnered with rookie researcher Iris and look to uncover some of the ruins’ mysteries. The game will see players face off against the ruins’ guardians, using magic to attack and a shield to block and parry. Ruins Magus is currently available for PC on Steam and the Meta Quest Store.



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