Lost Eidolons Gets Q3 2022 Launch Window, New Closed Beta

Developer Ocean Drive Studio announced a Q3 2022 release window for Lost Eidolons on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. The developer also announced a second closed beta test for the tactical RPG for the last week of April. The new closed beta will run on both PC and Xbox Series X|S and will include access to the first eight chapters of the game as well as English voice-overs, a new story-driven tutorial, and improved cutscenes and camp content. Those interested in registering for the second closed beta can follow the instructions on the game’s official website, with players who participated in the first closed beta automatically included.

Lost Eidolons is set on the continent of Artemesia. Formerly home to seven kingdoms, the entire continent now falls under the dominion of Emperor Ludivictus. Players control Eden, a mercenary from the village of Lonetta, who becomes involved in the rising flames of rebellion. The game features grid-based combat that makes use of terrain and unit positioning, with players able to recruit new characters by raising affinity with NPCs and improve existing party members through training and sidequests. Those looking to read more about Lost Eidolons can check out Johnathan Stringer’s 2021 interview with Creative Director Jin Sang Kim.



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