RPG Cast – Episode 618: “Kirby’s Oral Fixation”

This week on RPG Cast, Chris asks Anna to go fix her truckers. Josh wants to date the robots. And Kelley has a hot Raymond.

Question of the Week
What Nintendo Direct announcement got you hyped?

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6 Responses

  1. Xoco Xoco says:

    You guys have the craziest ep names for your podcasts.

  2. As odd as it may sound, I’m most hyped for the Chrono Cross Remaster. Yes, I know it pales in comparison to Chrono Trigger and the story doesn’t make much sense, but I really like what I’ve heard of the music, and I’m intrigued by how much the game looks like a proto-Baten Kaitos.

    I would be more hyped for Xenoblade 3, but it just reminds me that I *still* haven’t played Xenoblade 2 after all of this time.

  3. berserk berserk says:

    I’m most interested in Chrono Cross remaster from the Nintendo Direct. It’s one of those games we never actually got until now in Europe. Parasite Eve and Xenogears are some others…

    Also really interested in Front Mission remasters and Xenoblade 3. This Nintendo Direct was top notch

  4. FeatherHoof FeatherHoof says:

    QOTW: As one of the fools who still holds out hope that one of the last great Wii U games still stick in Wii U jail, Xenoblade Chronicles X, will get a Switch port, I was extremely excited when Monolith told me to hold their beer as Xenoblade Chronicles 3 got announced. I legit extremely loved the trilogy of games we got so far (I’ve bought and played XC1 on three different seems now, if that says anything), and my body is ready for more of that nonsense 😁
    Also, my wife bought me Fire Emblem Warriors as a Valentine’s Day gift this year and I’m honestly really enjoying it, I suddenly find myself super excited for Fire Emblem: Three Hopes.

  5. Traceriii Traceriii says:

    The games from the Nintendo direct that got me hyped were Xenoblade 3, Live A Live, Front mission 1/2 remake, and the best game in the direct Chrono cross. I am really happy that Chrono cross is finally getting a chance to shine.

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