Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Details, Screenshots Released

Square Enix provided some new details and screenshots for Team Ninja’s upcoming Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin. The update covers elements of the game’s story, cast, and combat.

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin is a reimagining of the first title in the Final Fantasy series. It follows the Warriors of Light, led by Jack, as they aim to restore the light to the crystals of the kingdom of Cornelia. The Warriors of Light are informed by the King of Cornelia about the Prophecy of Lukahn that mentions them, and he puts his hopes on them being able to banish the darkness of Chaos. Other important characters in Cornelia are Queen Jayne, Princesses Sarah and Mia, and Minister Lagone.



One of the early locations players will visit after leaving Cornelia is Pravoka, which lies across the bridge to the north. Pravoka is a port town, currently ruled by the pirate Captain Bikke. He has been forced to hole up on dry land as the ships he usually targets no longer venture into the darkness-covered seas.

The new combat images showcase the game’s break gauge. This is a yellow bar that appears above enemies. Using combos and abilities will deplete the gauge and fully depleting it lets players unleash a Soul Burst and take them out. Jack also has his own break gauge, shown at the bottom of the screen. This is depleted by guarding or using his Soul Shield and recovers automatically over time, but if it depletes fully then Jack will be staggered and vulnerable to attack.



The Soul Shield lets players absorb certain attacks — indicated by purple text — and store them to use for themselves. For example, absorbing a bomb’s Fire attack and using it back at the bomb three times will cause it to self-destruct. Jack will also come across glowing cubes on his journey. Touching one will fully restore HP and MP, but it will also resurrect all enemies in a dungeon. If players are defeated, they will start back at the last cube they touched.

Stanger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin is in development for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. The game is set to be released on March 18, 2022.



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