Dying Light 2 Stay Human Details Parts of The City

Developer Techland posted a new episode of its “Dying 2 Know More” video series for the upcoming Dying Light 2 Stay Human. This fourth episode features an interview with World Director Thomas Gerbaud, who provides details on some people and places of interest in the game’s setting, known simply as The City. The City is a European urban ruin as the spread of a virus has turned much of humanity into aggressive zombie-like creatures and put civilisation back into a new Dark Age. It acts as an open world that players can freely explore. One of the key factions within The City is the Peacekeepers, whose members have a strict adherence to law and order, putting them at odds with the chaotic Renegades and Infected.

Dying Light 2 is billed as a story-driven open world action RPG. It is a sequel set twenty years after the events of 2015 title Dying Light. The game features parkour mechanics, a day-night cycle, crafting, and story-altering choices. It will also include four-player cooperative multiplayer. Dying Light 2: Stay Human will release on February 4, 2022, for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S, as well as on Nintendo Switch as a cloud-based title.



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