Tactical RPG Dark Deity Available Now

Just a day after teasing the game during Freedom Games’ E3 showcase, publisher Freedom Games and developer Sword & Axe have released fantasy tactical RPG Dark Deity. The game is available for PC through Steam, priced at $24.99 with a 20% launch discount available until June 22, 2021. RPGamer is currently running a giveaway for the game and its soundtrack, with entries open until 11:59pm Eastern on Saturday, June 19, 2021.

Dark Deity is set on the world of Terrazael, the home to a past great civilisation that was wiped out by a calamity, with its achievements now only found inside the ruins of ancient temples. In the present, as total war appears ready to break out, King Varic of Delia has severed a pact to allow the students of Brookstead Military Academy to graduate early and bolster his forces. The game follows the story of four of these graduates.

Dark Deity features 28 chapters and a total of 54 character classes divided into multiple tiers. Players can join forces with thirty playable characters, with characters able to raise their bonds with others, potentially leading into romances. The game also includes a Grave Wounds system where characters that fall in battle are given penalties to their attributes. Those looking to read more about Dark Deity can check out Ryan Costa’s impression.




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  1. Thuroros Thuroros says:

    I can vouch for this one, as I’ve been enjoying my playthrough so far. The battles get more complicated, which is something I thought would make me not want to play, but I’m thinking now after playing it for awhile that I like the challenge the game brings. This is a change for me, and I like the fact I can strategize and try to pick my way through battles. So I guess I can say that if you’re like me and don’t play too many SRPG’s, you’ll most likely enjoy Dark Deity as it moves from one battle to the next. I’ve already got a few favorite characters from the story. On a side note, rogues who can 1-shot kill are super cool.

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