Tabletop-Inspired Sci-Fi RPG Citizen Sleeper Announced

During the PC Gaming Show, developer Jump Over the Age and publisher Fellow Traveller announced sci-fi RPG Citizen Sleeper. The game casts players as a sleeper, a digitized human consciousness alive in an artificial body, and as such just another corporate asset. Players spend their time on the sprawling space station Erlin’s Eye, assigning dice rolls to complete activities and driving the story forward however they wish. They can choose how to interact with the Eye’s other inhabitants, navigate the station’s factions, and perform tasks assigned by the corporation, or can choose to hack into their servers and expose their secrets. Along the way, there are five skills that can be leveled up, providing helpful bonuses and perks.

Citizen Sleeper will be released for PC via Steam in 2022. The game promises to let players proceed by following their own drive rather than preset quests, progressing the parts of the narrative they wish to partake in. A reveal trailer and screenshots are also viewable below.




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