Kickstarter Check-In: Nadir

Alder’s Blood developer Shockwork Games has begun a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for its newest project, Nadir. The game is a roguelike deckbuilder drawing inspiration from Dante’s Divine Comedy as well as Slay the Spire and Darkest Dungeon. It is planned for release on PC, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Nadir puts players in charge of three powerful characters known as Avatars, each representing one of the deadly sins. The game is set in the eponymous city of Nadir, which is home to the souls of the damned and has multiple levels extending into the abyss, with a great power lying at the bottom. Each level features its own theme and includes enemy types and challenges. Players only have a certain amount of time on each floor. Every battle takes up one day, as does resting to heal the party. Once the counter runs out, players must face that level’s guardian.

Combat sees the party facing off against a single powerful enemy. A deck of cards represents the party’s abilities; each Avatar provides their own skills, but they can be used by any other Avatar. Enemies will telegraph their attacks, with players expected to plan their survival around it. Combat is turn-based, with a counter indicating how much time is left before the enemy’s turn and each Avatar skill used reducing that counter. Cards can have special effects that activate if the condition is met, and if an Avatar dies, then players lose all of that Avatar’s cards.

Shockwork Games is looking for €30,000 in funding by May 29, 2021. Those who pledge at least €18 will receive a digital copy of the game for PC, Mac, or Linux (€20 for a digital console copy) as part of their backer rewards, with a limited number of discounted early backer slots also available at the time of writing. An Early Access release is planned in Q3 2021, with a demo version available to download from the Kickstarter page.


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