RPG Cast – Episode 576: “4K VRR LCD versus CRT”

Kelley reviews a game in cats, Josh mourns the moe, Chris gets to say Gungnir again, and Jonathan gets surpassed by his own progeny.

Question of the Week
Do you subscribe to a gaming service like Game Pass, Apple Arcade, or PlayStation Now?

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3 Responses

  1. QotW: Yes, Apple Arcade. Because FANTASIAN. So I might buy a DualShock 4. Unless the rumored Super Switch has MFi bluetooth joycons?

    • [to elaborate]
      FANTASIAN isn’t out yet, but I already joined b/c
      1) I’ve wanted to try certain compelling games: Skate City and Oceanhorn 2 (which is now on Switch…)
      2) I also like the games for my kid’s phone b/c I don’t have to worry about any gacha mechanics or other in-app-purchases.
      3) The monthly sub. cost is included in my Apple One Family Plan; we already paid for Apple Music Family anyways, so Apple got us with the bundle deal.
      4) I kind of want more excuse to buy an AppleTV and a DualShock 4 TBH, hoping that it would be console-like for my kids (and I) to play on. We share two Switches, but another console would be nice. That said, I should just buy a PS4 or 5…

      Other than Nintendo Switch Online (for the game cloud back-up service and SNES games to play), we’ve not really considered other game services.

      HTH! 🙂

  2. QotW: I’ve dabbled in a lot of different subscription services but haven’t seemed to stick with too many of them. Apple Arcade seemed cool but outside of Various Daylife, I never found anything. Stadia is cool in theory but the library is almost nothing. Now a days the only two I have is gamepass which I love because I can play quality games anywhere and Shadow which lets me play PC games anywhere, including gog and epic

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