Bravely Default II Introduces More Characters, Jobs

Square Enix released new information and media in Japan for Bravely Default II. The update focuses on the country of Rimedahl and introduces new characters, jobs, and the Bide and Divide card-based mini-game.

Rimedahl is a religious snowy kingdom said to have been saved by a dragon 1,000 years ago, which the nation worships as its dragon god. Martha Lancer is the holder of the Dragoon Asterisk and serves as the guardian of the cave where the dragon is said to reside, with the role being held by her family for multiple generations. Gwilym is a small dragon-like creature who can speak with humans and claims to be the offspring of the dragon god.

Gladys Kelly is the Swordmaster Asterisk holder and a friar of Rimedahl’s church. She hunts down fairies alongside Helio, the Spiritmaster Asterisk holder and an inquisitor of the church. Gladys focuses on fairies deceiving humans, and hunts them in revenge for her parents being killed by fairies, while Helio looks for humans pretending to be fairies. Domenic is the Oracle Asterisk holder and high priest of the church. He claims his words are those of the dragon god. Finally, Glenn Booth is the Salve-Maker Asterisk holder and mayor of Enderno Village, which is just outside Rimedahl. He is looking for moonlit grass to save his younger brother Grin.

The Dragoon is an attack-focused job that wields spears. It uses the Jump attack to assault enemies from the sky. The Swordmaster job focuses on counterattacks, using different stances to absorb hits and strike back. The Spiritmaster job uses a staff to summon spirits, which are helpful in providing continuous recovery options. The Oracle is a magic-focused job that manipulates the natural laws, altering the attributes of targets. Finally, the Salve-Maker relies on tools, being able to combine items to produce a multitude of effects.



Bind and Divide (or B ‘n’ D) is a card game where each player lays down six cards in an effort to control the majority of the battle map. Each turn a player lays down a card to claim territory, and by sandwiching the other player’s territory they can try to claim it. Players select their hand of six cards before the game, with different cards having special effects including strengthening or weakening other cards. The mini-game is available to try out now as part of the game’s “final” demo, which is available worldwide, and is unlocked by completing the demo’s main scenario.

Bravely Default II will launch worldwide for Nintendo Switch on February 26, 2021. The game is set in a new world to its predecessors with new characters and a new story. Revo, who composed the soundtrack to Bravely Default, returned to compose the soundtrack to Bravely Default II.




Source: Gematsu



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