New Bravely Default II Details, Images Released

Square Enix has provided new information and images for the upcoming Bravely Default II. The details cover the game’s main characters as well as some basic story, setting, and gameplay information. The names and titles have all been translated from Japanese and may differ in the English version.

Bravely Default II is set on the continent of Excillant, which is home to five kingdoms. One of these is Halcionia, the Country of Spring Breeze, which is ruled by King Placido and gained independence from Musa 400 years ago. The game begins with the young sailor Seth washing up on the shore of Excillant, where he meets Gloria. Gloria is a princess from Musa who left her nation after its crystals were stolen, escaping before setting out to recover them. The two join up with Elvis Lazlow and Adelle Ein. Adelle is acting as the scholar Elvis’ bodyguard as he journeys to decipher a magical book left to him.



Other characters revealed are Sloane, also known as “The Blue Forest”, who is said to be the greatest swordsman on Excillant and is Gloria’s retainer who escaped to Halcionia with her. King Placido Halcionia is a military man but liked by his people for his just leadership, who offers shelter to Gloria and his support in rebuilding Musa once the crystals are retrieved. Dag Rampage and Selene Noetic are two veteran mercenaries who have teamed up, Dag being rash and single-minded while Selene is more level-headed.

Combat remains largely the same as in the previous Bravely games. During turns, players have the opportunity to use “Brave” or “Default” options, which work with the Brave Points (BP) system. These points can be spent using the Brave option to allow multiple actions in one turn, while Default will see the character defend to gain more BP for future turns. Each character has both a main job and a sub job that determine that character’s abilities and stats. New jobs are unlocked by defeating Asterisk Holders, and new abilities are unlocked by levelling up each job.



Six example jobs have been detailed. The Freelance job is the base job and is an all-round job without many special traits, though it is useful for general adventuring as well as for covering other party members, while the Vanguard is a tank job that can attract enemy attacks. The White Mage specialises in support and recovery magic and the Black Mage is an offensive spell caster. Finally, the Monk is an aggressive melee fighter, and the Thief has high evasion and speed and can steal items from enemies.

Bravely Default II will launch worldwide for Nintendo Switch on February 26, 2021. The game is set in a new world to its predecessors with new characters and a new story. Revo, who composed the soundtrack to Bravely Default, returned to compose the soundtrack to Bravely Default II.



Source: Gematsu


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