Bravely Default


Bravely Default Review

Applying financial terminology to fantasy worlds could produce other fascinating titles in the future. Is it possible to Cautiously Mortgage, Lazily Foreclose, Furiously Equitize, or Nobly Deficit? These questions are not answered by this game.
Eek! Don’t make an ‘O’ with the mouth, characters!

Bravely Default Review

Bravely Default is a great blending of classic and modern gameplay aspects, and well worth the positive attention. We advise RPGamers not to follow any inspiration from the title when it comes to paying for it, however.

The four sweetest words in the English language.

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RPG Music That Moved Us

We play games for their story and graphics, but what keeps popping up in our heads is the great music we heard over the decades. In this first edition, Erik, Lucas, Cassandra, Shannon, and Joe each pick a soundtrack that has made a lasting impression on them.

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