Trials of Mana Shows Off Hawkeye and Riesz in Spotlight Trailer

Square Enix has released the third character spotlight trailer for its upcoming action RPG Trials of Mana, introducing the final two of six total playable characters. Hawkeye is a noble Robin Hood-like individual who hails from Nevarl, the desert fortress of thieves. Riesz is the young princess and captain of a group of Amazonian warriors who resides in the mountain kingdom of Laurent. At the start of the game, players pick a hero and two travelling companions from these six playable characters, with their stories crossing paths as each of them journeys to the Holy Kingdom of Wendel.

Trials of Mana is a full, high-definition remake of the Super Famicom RPG Seiken Densetsu 3, which was first released in English as part of the Collection of Mana bundle for the Nintendo Switch. Trails of Mana removes co-op in favor of a single-player, third-person perspective. The remake is scheduled for a worldwide release for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC on April 24, 2020.



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