Darksiders Genesis Out for PC and Stadia

THQ Nordic released a launch trailer signifying the release of Darksiders Genesis on Google Stadia and PC. The fourth entry in the Darksiders series will also be heading to PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One on February 14, 2020. The minute-long trailer featuring splitscreen co-op and showing online multiplayer gameplay can be seen below.

Darksiders Genesis introduces Strife, the fourth and final Horsemen, while also introducing a top-down action RPG perspective. Strife will be able to team up with his older brother War in his journey around the underworld as the two battle demons who oppose their order. The brothers will be able to battle on foot or summon their faithful steeds to use for better mobility. War acts as the frontline fighter, while Strife keeps his distance and shoots enemies from long range. The game also introduces a feature that allows players to customize their own upgrade system that comes from the enemies they beat.



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