System Shock 3 Shows Off Early Gameplay Trailer

Developer OtherSide Entertainment has released a short, one-minute teaser trailer showcasing some pre-alpha gameplay footage of the upcoming System Shock 3. Included in the trailer are sneak peeks at some of the unsettling sights awaiting gamers, including combat against the game’s pained amalgamations of steel and twisted flesh. The video is narrated by the series’ crazed AI antagonist, SHODAN.

The System Shock series first debuted in 1994, and has seen several spiritual successors over the years, though the franchise hasn’t seen an official new installment in twenty years. While System Shock 3 has been confirmed for PC as well as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, no official release date has yet been given. A remake of the original System Shock, handled by developer Night Dive Studios, has also been announced for a 2020 release.



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