To Hell with Hell Rises Onto Steam Early Access

From publisher Deck13 and developed by Lazurite Games, To Hell with Hell is a top-down, pixel-art rogue-lite with bullet hell elements. Themed for a more mature crowd, the game has players taking on the role of Natasia, a Russian stripper who is on her way to work when she is dragged into literal hell. It seems that the ruler of hell, Asmodius, has been locked away by his enemies, and he’s summoned you to face down the legions of hellish beasts and help him escape. Naturally, this is done by equipping masks that transform Natasia into various forms — like a knight, demon, or clown — and give her special abilities. Choose your weapons, such as shovel, mortar, pumpgun, or unicorn, and traverse the randomly generated levels of the fiery underworld and beyond and save the lord of hell.

To Hell with Hell is available now for PC on Steam Early Access. The game costs $16.99, but during its first week on the storefront, a 20% off coupon is applied to all orders. For a quick look at the game in action, check out the trailer below.


Pascal Tekaia

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