RPG Backtrack Episode 210: Genre Splicing

What happens when the Shin Megami Tensei concepts are extended into other series, such as Etrian Odyssey and Fire Emblem?  We get interesting fusions like the first Persona Q and Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, both of which are the focus on this episode.

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3 Responses

  1. Why didn’t the RPGPrediction Cast work its magic after the Baten Kaitos episode? Or Arc Rise Fantasia, for that matter.

  2. Ombres Ombres says:

    Yeah, I know! But I am glad they talk about it, Tokyo mirage was not in my radar at all, now one more game that I will add to my backlog!

  3. Ombres Ombres says:

    I should always wait to listen to all of it before posting, sorry about the double post!!

    Mike, how did you manage to make Bloodstained to work?

    Phil, hey thanks for the game suggestion, I did play a bit of Geneforge and I did really like it, so this new one seem very interesting.

    As for Kynseed, I brought the game, because it is really a style that I like a lot, did play a little bit, like the direction it is taking so far, but I am waiting for it to develop more before really start to play, as my play time is a bit limited and my backlog so big…

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