Second Official Dragon Marked for Death Trailer

Inti Creates has provided the second official trailer for the upcoming game, Dragon Marked for Death. The Dragonblood Clan has been nearly wiped out by the Divine Family. Now, players can control one of four survivors, bent on revenge: the Empress who acts as a pure damage dealer, the Warrior who serves as the team’s tank, the Shinobi who can rapidly recover Dragon Points needed to use abilities, and the Witch who boasts strong attack, healing, support, and debuffing magic. RPGamers will have the chance to team up with three extra players locally or via online to party as a team.

Dragon Marked for Death is scheduled for a worldwide digital release on January 31, 2019, for the Nintendo Switch. The digital release will be split into two versions that come with two fighters each. The Frontline Fighters pack will come with the Empress and Warrior, while the Advanced Attackers pack will come with the Shinobi and Witch. Publisher Nighthawk Interactive is releasing a physical edition shortly after the digital version which will contain all four playable characters. This physical version has currently only been announced for a North American release.



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