Judge Eyes Gets New Information, Details Side Activities

Sega has released new information on its new game Judge Eyes. The new information details what players can do on the side, outside of the game’s main story.

The first detailed is an activity called D League, where Yagami will need to call upon his drone piloting skills to take on others in races These races will take place on the streets of Kamurocho. There are five separate leagues in total, and when players beat all five, an expert league is unlocked for a true test of their abilities. However, to get that far to begin with, players will need to customize their drones with parts available at the D League’s Drone Lab. Lastly, there will also be online functionality included for this mode.

Next up is VR Sugoroku, a game in which Yagami will find himself travelling through a virtual reality version of Kamurocho. Travelling through game board spaces, players will land on a variety of spots with their own challenges to offer. VR Sugoroku is a gamble, but players can end up walking away with a bounty of rewards.

Kamuro of the Dead is a first-person arcade shooter where players will be gunning down zombies. Players can chain together head shots for combos to rack up a higher score. However, missing a head once will reset the players’ combo. Killing a zombie quickly will also net players time bonuses.

On a similar note, a few Sega classics will be available to play in the game at Club Sega. These are Fighting Vipers, Motor Raid, Fantasy Zone, Space Harrier, Puyo Puyo, and Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown. In addition, players can play with some pinball machines at the Yagami Detective Agency.

There are still various other side activities to partake in like mahjong and shogi. Judge Eyes will be launching in Japan, South Korea, and Asia on December 13, 2018 for the PlayStation 4. The game will be coming westward in 2019.



Source: Siliconera

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