God Eater 3 Introduces Caravans, Chrysanthemum

Bandai Namco has released new information and images for the upcoming God Eater 3. The update focuses on Caravans, mobile fortresses that are able to traverse the Ashlands that has been created as part of the apocalyptic Aragami outbreak that forms the series setting.

Caravans provide lifelines for the various underground “ports” that humanity has been restricted to due to the Aragami outbreak and continued expansion of the Ashlands. They are made up of vehicles called Ash Crawlers, which are equipped with an Anti-Aragami Armored Barrier that prevents them from being devoured by the Ashlands and the particulars that cause its spread, as well as a Resonance Radar that analyses the density of ash particles and locates nearby Aragami.

Prior to the game’s events, the player-created protagonist and his or her childhood friend Hugo are Adaptive God Eaters from the port of Pennywort, who work as mercenaries. While on a mission an Ash Storm threatens to engulf the port and the pair and their comrades have no means to rescue Pennywort’s inhabitants. However, a request received from a nearby Ash Crawler called Chrysanthemum to kill a nearby Aragami leaves the group heading to a new fate.

The Chrysanthemum is owned by the newly-introduced character Hilda Henriquez. She also runs the port called Chrysanthemum — Ash Crawlers are usually named after their home port — and leads its endeavours of transporting cargo across the Ashlands. Also introduced is Amy, who acts as the mission operator on the Chrysanthemum, along with a mysterious girl who appears to have a horn on her head and is likely to play a key role in the story.

God Eater 3 is being developed for PC and PlayStation 4, with a Japanese release on December 13, 2018. A western release is currently set for early 2019.



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