Seven: The Days Long Gone to Receive Free Expansion

The isometric open-world RPG Seven: The Days Long Gone has got some new upcoming content in the works. Co-developers Fool’s Theory and IMGN.PRO are busy working on a free expansion that will include a sizable new quest line complete with new locations, characters, skills, and enemy types. Dubbed Drowned Past, the expansion sees players once again donning the mantle of master thief Teriel, who this time crosses paths with the mysterious Enclave, a group who has discovered the location of the mythological sunken vessel Mamon. The decision to give the new storyline its own expansion was due to its scope, which was too massive to be implemented within the confines of the base game, according to creative director Karolina Kuzia-Rokosz. All told, the storyline will deliver around seven hours of new content, spanning across eight quests.

Seven: The Days Long Gone released on December 1, 2017. As Teriel, players explored the prison island of Peh, forced by a daemon inhabiting his mind to do his bidding to survive. Recently, the game has received some updates to address certain issues players experienced at launch. A release date for Drowned Past has not yet been announced. The game is available for PC via Steam and



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