Seven: The Days Long Gone Demo Available

A demo has become available for last year’s stealth RPG Seven: The Days Long Gone. The full prologue of the game is now available for all to try on both Steam and The prologue includes brief examples of the game’s concepts of combat, magic, sneaking, and disguises. The game is currently discounted at $20.99/£19.59/€20.99, down from the price of $29.99/£27.99/€29.99. This sale will last until January 29, 2018.

Seven puts players in the role of Teriel, a master thief possessed by an ancient demon. Forced to travel to the prison island of Peh, the two must work to uncover the secrets of the island and the effect those secrets could have across the world. The isometric RPG, only available on PC, is entirely open-world and features a free-climbing system that allows vertical traversal in almost all of its locations.

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