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Royal Chaos is an interesting mix of a romance visual novel and an idle RPG. It follows the story of a young girl who, by falling in love with the ruler of an empire and catching his eye as well, has moved into the palace to pursue a relationship with him.  However, in doing so, they have entered into a world of deep political intrigue as well as armed combat. Best not to think about it too hard; it’s not going to make a lot of sense.

At the start of the game, players choose to be either a boy or a girl and select a starting class. These include Medic, Scholar, Guard, and Gourmet — each of which has their own set of weapons and skills! The gameplay is very similar to a title already available, Idle Poring, where players choose a class and while away from the game (idling) endlessly fight against an endless stream of enemies, building up experience, levelling up and assigning skill points, unlocking skills, and collecting equipment. While actively playing, players can challenge bosses to proceed deeper into the game, unlocking more of the game’s story.


As the story proceeds, players will have to choose different conversation choices, which will influence your character’s personality, unlocking later game options and affecting the ending received. You’ll choose whether your character is kind and generous or callous and backstabbing. To ensure you can reach the next chapter in the story, you can accrue NPCs to assist with combat called retainers — famous figures in Asian history. The developers are also interested in adding famous people from Western history as well, such as Shakespeare and Washington.

The game also has quests to complete, which has rewards ranging from combat items to cosmetic items. In fact, there is a huge cosmetic system in the game, with over 500 costume items to collect, and many different styles to combine ranging from hair, to makeup, to dresses and more. Coming to both iOS and Android at the end of June, the game will be free to play, so those interested in the concept can try it out at their leisure when it arrives.


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